What’s a bridal Basque

A Basque is basically an item of women’s clothing. It is similar to jacket or bodice. Bridal Basque is fit and is normally over the hips. The name Basque is derived from Basque traditional dress.

Bridal Basque

Wedding day is person’s one biggest day in life. Everyone wants to look perfect at that day. The selection of main wedding dress is one of the most difficult decisions. Only the dress is not important there is also other some important stuff which should be noticed for example if you have a gown made up of lightweight fabric then you should go with seamless bra. But if the gown is heavier and contain strong fabric then one can use the standard bra. Make it sure that no lines and straps show through.


The gowns may not have a convenient neckline which goes with a standard t-shirt bra. Try to fine the bra which perfectly works with your neckline. If you have a strapless gown then select a strapless bra. However strapless bra offers less support as compared to other standard bra. In case of backless gown one should go with low back strapless bra. If you buy bridal bra before gown then looks for a convertible bra with adjustable straps.

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